A man, a plan, a canal . . .

Well, OK, maybe not a CANAL. Just a road: Highway 41 all the way from its northern terminus in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to its southern terminus: Miami’s South Beach, So Be it!

My plan is beginning to take shape, and I’ve started my research of sights and sites. I want to drive the length of US Highway 41, but in installments. What I am thinking right now is that I can explore the closer states from a home base in either Illinois, Wisconsin, or Indiana. As far north as Green Bay and as far south as Kentucky should be within striking distance.

Then I will need a couple of longer expeditions, one to the U.P., and another to Georgia and Florida.

I am going to create a tentative schedule so any friends or fam who are thinking of accompanying the drive can figure out timing, and decide how to get out of joining me before its too late. I’ll make a Page (see top bar called Tentative) for the schedule and keep it updated.

Also I have quite a few possibilities on my tentative list of Sights and Sites. My goal is to have a total of 41 “stops along the way,” just to match the highway number.


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