Trip to TJ’s

I wanted to get  a start writing about 2012 on US Highway 41, so I decided to use the Packers playoff game as a springboard to Milwaukee. If this trip is any indication this could be quite a year.

I rejected my first plan: drive to Green Bay and inhabit a sports bar near Lambeau Field. No one was interested in drivng up there (wonder why?!), so I scaled it back to Milwaukee. Packers played home games in Milwaukee, I remembered, and a bit of research told me, as recently as 1994. Bret Favre scored the last touchdown there with a few seconds left in their last game at Milwaukee County Stadium in Dec. 1994.

I had re-volunteered to drive to Portland and deliver Cindy’s Jeep for her, so on Sunday I had three errands: interview at David’s Bistro in Antioch, pick up Jeep in Evanston, catch Packers game in Milwaukee. Carol volunteered to drive with me so I could drive the Jeep, but when we got to Evanston the Jeep had a coolant leak so we left in in Tom & Ramie’s driveway.

Carol accompanied me to Antioch, helped with the interview (first use of digital recorder), and then was willing to get dropped off in Lake Geneva.

I drove alone to Milwaukee, scouted the “Miller valley” area and ended up at TJ”s Bar less than a mile form Miller Park. I ordered a beer. Met Tom, tending bar; he’s TJ’s son, and I met TJ,too. Small crowd was getting things warmed up, but I had left the car at gas station across the street and I was too nervous to leave it there.

I got up tomove the car and decided to find another place with better parking: The Stadium Club about a mile or so away on the other side of the big bridge.

Things were fairly dead there, though I did win a beer. Left at half-time with Packers trailing. No one was real talkative.

Even though I never got the interview about Packers in Milwaukee that I hoped for I do feel that at least I got things sort of started. Next trip: Indy to see the Kerouac scroll.



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