Long story, short

This document is the long story, short (OK . . . medium) about my writing project

Working title: “41”                                                                  

This is a travel book about America in the year 2012. Specifically, people and places found along US Highway 41 which runs from Michigan to Miami. Highway 41 gives a cross-section view of the eastern half of the US heartland, running through eight states that encompass one-quarter of the US population (MI, WI, IL, IN, KY, TN, GA, & FL).

In August the Republican National Convention is in Tampa and less than a mile from Highway 41.

Highway 41 is Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, and also passes through Milwaukee, Nashville, Atlanta, Tampa, and Miami. It cuts across Florida’s everglades, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Lincoln’s boyhood farmland, and Dr. King’s neighborhood.

The structure of the book will be 41 chapters: stories found along the way, touching a balance between urban and rural, fun and grit. It is not a guide book about how to get from place to place or where to stay, but a travel book about my experiences exploring part of America in 2012.

At the end of February I’m heading for Florida. I will be driving South on 41, planning to stop in Indiana to see the Kerouac scroll which is on exhibit at the Indiana State Museum in Indy. I have an interview planned with the curator of the scroll, and might stop in Bloomington.

In Florida I’ll be staying in Miami for a few days, courtesy of my brother (and his company), in town for business and sharing accommodation with his freeloading brother. Thanks, Dave!!

I have a few plans for Miami. Besides just hanging at South Beach. I want to see the Everglades and the undersea park, and I will explore Ft. Lauderdale a bit. That’s my birthplace, and I don’t know much about it.

The highlight of this time of year in Miami is CarnavalMiami and the CalleOcho street festival on Mar. 11. It is the largest celebration of its kind in the US. It is centered in Little Havana, on 8th St.. which is Hwy. 41 in Miami.


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