Scroll with it

The first two things I am looking forward to doing on my drive to Florida (US Highway 41 is my route to Miami)  are a stop in Indiana to see the Kerouac scroll at the Indiana State Museum, and an appointment to interview Jim Canary. The Kerouac scroll is the original typewriter manuscript of the first-draft version of Kerouac’s Beat-generation Bible, On the Road (1957).

Jim Canary is the scrollmeister. He is the pro collection curator who was hired by Jim Irsay to protect and display the scroll. Irsay, who owns the NFL Indianapolis Colts, apparently has enough money and diverse interests that he buys stuff that he thinks is cool. Like the Kerouac scroll. But he also has enough judgment and vision to protect and preserve his collection and share it with the world. So the scroll, in its entirety, is currewntly rolled out on display in a long hallway at the museum. It’s 120 feet long.

I bought a membership to the Indiana State Museum, and that entitles me to unlimited visits for one year. If it’s as cool as I think it’ll be, maybe I’ll just move in.


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