10 things I’ve learned about Jack Kerouac

  1. English was his second language, and he didn’t speak English until he started school
  2. he had a football scholarship at Columbia in NY, but didn’t get along with the coach, and quit school to write
  3. he never owned a car
  4. or ever had a driver’s license
  5. he married three times
  6. but said the only woman he ever loved was his Mom
  7. who outlived him
  8. they spoke the French-Canadian dialect of joual at home (Examples here: http://www.billcasselman.com/quebec_sayings/quebec_sayings_one.htm )
  9. his famous scroll manuscript for On the Road was chewed by his friend’s dog, and the last several “pages” needed to be recreated
  10. he was in San Francisco at the first poetry reading that created all the buzz for the Beat poets, (known as the Six Gallery Reading) on Oct. 7 of 1955, but he wouldn’t agree to read any of his own work

Bonus: instead, he served wine from a jug and cheered on his friends


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