Latest plans on 41

  1. Leaving Monday
  2. May drive my car or a rental, depending on if the rental is a model my spouse covets ( she wants to drive a Hyundai Santa Fe if available because she’s considering buying one)
  3. a.m. interview in Highland, IN
  4. brief stop in Indy (yes, that’s off 41 . . . but the scroll is there)
  5. p.m. interview in Bloomington at Lilly Library
  6. Hope to get to Louisville for the night
  7. Tuesday drive South and pick up 41 in Nashville
  8. continue to FL border
  9. On Wednesday, 41 through Florida: Tampa-St. Pete, Punta Gorda, Naples, through the Everglades
  10. Maybe make it to Miami Wed. night, if so I have a hotel in Miami Beach where I can freeload off my brother’s company in town for a business show
  11. Thurs. No actual plans because I may still be driving, but if I’m in Miami I plan to take it easy & maybe rent a bike on the beach
  12. Friday Ft. Lauderdale where I want to explore a bit & Friday night there is a free outdoor concert in Miami as part of CarnavalMiami
  13. Saturday I want to explore Little Havana neighborhood and definitely grab a snack at the Cafe Versailles & Sat. night there is an event called Carnaval on the Mile in Coral Gables (art exhibition?)
  14. Sunday I must find further accommodations as my brother’s meeting is over! Thinking about driving north and tent camping depending on weather
  15. Monday: Explore Seminole reservation
  16. Tuesday: sort of a free day, might drive somewhere (I’d like to see NASA on the Cape)



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