My Florida drive top ten

Here’s the Top Ten things I learned during the past two weeks:

  • 10. Retirement! It’s alive and well in the state of Florida!
  • 9.   US 41: Beautiful, scenic, well-paved, no semi’s and fast (60s) except in towns.
  • 8.   Hopping off (and onto) 41 from the interstate is easy for much of its length.
  • 7.   The Seminoles: intriguing and very important in south Florida.
  • 6.   Cafe Versailles on Calle Ocho in Miami:,cafe con leche! And take-out Cuban pastries!
  • 5.   Hotel Victor in South Beach rocks a great Venezuelan vocalist at night.
  • 4.   Graphics of the Americas: awesome (don’t want to get too graphic)
  • 3.    Miami Beach’s Art deco district: fun, different, like somewhere in Europe
  • 2.    Ft. Lauderdale: it’s all still there
  • 1.    Gotta go back!

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