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“On the Road” at Cannes

The film version of Kerouac’s On the Road is showing in Cannes at the famous film festival. Fortunately, the critics do not like it. Being liked by critics at Cannes usually sounds the death knell.

In a  related story here is the arrival of the Kerouac scroll manuscript for display in Paris:

Jim Canary from Bloomington, IN, is the guy with the beard. He cares for the manuscript and travels with it (he terms it Jack-in-a-box) to assist in display. The manuscript is currently owned by Jim Irsay, the indianapolis owner of the Colts NFL team, and you can see Jim sporting the Colts horseshoe logo.


Beach at Big Sur River


Kerouac moments in California

In California having a few KEROUAC MOMENTS:

will post photos!

The retro lover’s retro

The Green Mill, on Broadway near Lawrence.

When you step inside the Green Mill there is a dark bar backed by bottles, and it gives the place the look of an old-fashioned corner tavern. But it’s more retro than that.

There are mini-sized booths that I suppose people once fit in comfortably, but now look like play-scale furniture. And a real juke box with real records. But it’s more retro than that.

There are old-school cash registers, six-pound dial phones and a Men’s Room four feet wide and twelve feet long, big enough for a sink, two urinals and one toilet. With graffiti. It’s way more retro than that.

The Green Mill is so retro that when Hollywood made a picture in 1957 called The Joker Is Wild, its star Francis Albert Sinatra wanted to see the retro club that the movie was based on. So he stopped in for a drink.

The Green Mill isn’t Rat Pack retro. The Green Mill is Roaring Twenties Jazz Club retro.

Capone came here. Though the club was in enemy territory, Capone was a jazz fan, and all the jazz fans came to the Green Mill. So he brought extra bodyguards.

The Green Mill still features a jazz line-up, most nights starting at 9. It also features poetry slams and a few others nods to the Fifties. Like the phones and the jukebox.

The Green Mill is at 4802 N. Broadway near the Aragon Ballroom and the Riviera Theater, about a mile from US 41 in two different directions, because 41 follows Lake Shore Drive, about a mile east of The Green Mill, and then turns and follows Foster Ave. about a mile north of The Green Mill.