The grass is always bluer . . . in Nashville

Bluegrass? At the Station Inn in Nashville, TN, the bluegrass is served as the appetizer, main course, and dessert. Also on the menu are soft drinks, beer, frozen pizza, popcorn, and Moon Pies.

No matter, because on the one night that we’re in town, a Grammy-nominated performer (Shawn Camp) in a room of about 150 people. His band included a ripping hot mandolin artist along with a bass guitarist, a drummer, and a string bass player plus one guy who alternated on both slide guitar and fiddle.

They played full out on several numbers, winning us over immediately

I guess we were all reluctant, but loved it. Even Carol–who usually won’t allow bluegrass within a lawn mower swath of our stereo.

Chris Henry on the mandolin was a highlight. He’s tall, especially for such a shorneck instrument in his hands. He rocked and pumped his legs a bit with thte beat and chrned out plinkety bluegrass pickin’ as easily as ordering another beer.

The Station inn is old school. The exterior has one fluorescent sign. Inside a small stage area, seating at small tables, and a bar off to one side. The lady taking our ticket money is seated on a barstool at the door, and you’re not going to get past her until your cash is added to her cigar box. There’s a pile of twenties and another of fives. No coinage involved. No receipts or tickets or hand-stamps either. But on our way out she said good-bye to us and asked us to be sure to come again. We got the feeling that she hadn’t recognized us as regulars.

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