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Amy Handelman interview

Amy Handelman is the bright and attractive girl-on-the-go in a Florida Orange Juice ad (scroll down to watch her ad) that has her contending with a “morning briefing” in which she finds out that her car will be ticketed and towed while she works overtime on a lab assignment due to her partner’s addiction to web surfing: “Good thing I had my orange juice!”

The ad, filmed in Miami, has been running for months and is spot-on perfect, due in large part to her 30 seconds of can-do realism. The police officer, the laid-back lab partner, the professor, and the just-doing-my-job driver are all right on the money, but the ad works because you believe Amy Handelman is going to make her day work in spite of life’s speed-bumps coming her way.

I called her in Los Angeles. Fittingly, she had something on just at the moment, but called back an hour later giving us a chance to chat about what life and work are like for the Michigan native transplanted to LA to pursue her dream.

That dream is the world of entertainment where she would sincerely love to make a difference on stage, on the air, or on the big screen. Most of her days consist of chasing that dream: working out at her gym, going to appointments, prepping for auditions and reading parts, making contact with her agent. Amy said that she enjoyed the shoot, got a little tired of the taste of the juice after repeated takes, and has stayed in contact with the rest of the cast.

“I love orange juice!” she made clear.

Though she now gets to spend her days showing up for auditions and readings  (yeah, in places where Antonio Banderas and Ewan McGregor hang), she has fond memories of childhood road trips in and around Michigan and other parts of the Midwest. As an adult she’s even driven from LA to Detroit with a friend, but her longest stint on the road was to Alaska.”You should go to Alaska if you ever get a chance,” she recommended.

Getting paid for commercial TV work sounds pretty complicated, because depending on the market where the ad is shown there are different terms that come into play in her contract.

However, she lets her representation sort it all out while she concentrates more on the next gig.